Writing a proposal for a cleaning business

Add together all hours calculated and arrive at a total number of hours required to clean. Use a post card mail-out to reach your target account list.

Contractors, who consistently bid too low, may do so just to get new contracts.

How to Write a Bid for Cleaning

Save the proposal to your desktop, and print two copies, one for submission, and one for your records. Our free advice can help you overcome common start-up and expansion obstacles. Proposify lets you know your close rate, which sections of your proposals get viewed and for how long, and all kinds of insight into what goes into your most successful proposals so you can sell smarter.

It requires an investment of time and money. We will leave your home or office sparkling! Consider posting a job opening on www. Include amazing photos and videos of past events inside of your proposal.

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Make sure to include all costs associated with your costs of doing business, including travel time to and from the facility, gas expenses, cleaning supply expenses and labor charges if you will be using additional employees besides yourself.

List the supplies agreed upon that will be provided to you by the facility per your initial meeting where that was discussed. The net profit is amount of income available to you as the owner. Agency Proposal Template Agencies require a look and feel that reflects the quality of service they will provide.

Cleaning Services Proposal Template

The objective is to show that you have value-added services that make your cleaning service superior to other companies. Most importantly, the cleaning variables must be rated to determine if the cleaning demands will be light, medium, or heavy.

How to Write a Sales Proposal

Make sure they are happy with the work. Name] will be your other junior custodial technician. They can write commercial business insurance in most every state and have some excellent rates along with top service.

This is often called gap analysis. Estimate the amount of time cleaning each area will take and note the total time per floor on your list. It should include attractive fliers describing your service, a thorough cleaning specifications chart, a user-friendly service contract, and details about your service.

They also have links to each state website providing local rules and business regulations. Commercial cleaning has built-in job security. The overall routine is not a lot different from cleaning your own home.

An experienced consultant or mentor can help you develop a winning marketing program. Click here for details on Cleaning Performance Handbook. In addition to that, you will not waive in case your capabilities are put into question.

Click here for details on a complete startup program including an expert mentor Before You Start You can conduct a market survey to confirm the timing is right to expand a cleaning service into your local community.

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How to Do a Bid Proposal for a Cleaning Service

Bidding Calculators About the Author Kimberlee Leonard has been helping businesses for more than 17 years with business planning, team development and sales training. And we never, EVER disclose any data to third-parties without your permission.

Tip Include a second sheet with suggested services, amounts for these and when the services should occur -- for instance, seasonal cleaning, window washing or storm windows.

It helps to have a consultant available that can guide you thru the mine fields of customer service.Cleaning Services Proposal Template. Cleaning and janitorial companies can use our free proposal template as a guide when bidding on residential, commercial, and institutional properties.

The scope of the proposal includes sections like cleaning philosophy, sanitation services, getting started process, team, sample contractor agreement, and fees.

Cleaning Proposal Template

Establishing McDonald Restaurant Feasibility Study. 1. General Objectives. Description of the Business Project. The proposed business will need a three-storey building in a 2, square-meter lot with a parking space at the rear.

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Office Cleaning Bid Proposal for::ClientCompany:: We wish to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing::SenderCompany:: to prepare and submit to you an Office Cleaning Bid Proposal in respect of _____ [NAME OF LOCATION/BUILDING FOR WHICH PROPOSAL IS SUBMITTED].

A cleaning proposal is a nicely presented packet of information about your company, your services, qualifications and then the included bid price for cleaning or maintenance services. How large or how many pages should my cleaning proposal have?

Writing a proposal for a cleaning business
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