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Moreover, the government declined to create separate legislation for addressing the problems posed by some mentally ill people, which could endanger the community.

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T he patient being treated for schizophrenia had limitations to their human rights due to their deemed incapacity to make a decision in their own best interests.

These incidents have further irritated the health secretary who had encountered a great deal of opposition while overhauling NHS and prohibiting smoking in public places. This new legislation if enacted could adversely affect around fourteen thousand mentally ill people.

Every year around two thousand hearings are conducted by the tribunal. The most important change in the act is the provision for automatic periodic review of detention by Mental Health tribunals. It had been estimated that twenty — five percent of the people would be afflicted with mental illness.

The new legislation aims to compel discharged mental patients to take medicines against their will. The Government seems to be convinced that an insufficient number of mental patients have been detained.

Paupers were poor but non-paupers were not necessarily rich! The Government acceded to approximately fifty percent of all such requests for help, furthermore it did not accept a recommendation of the committee that in the absence of therapeutic benefit, forced detention and treatment should not be indulged in.

The most recent Mental Health Bill makes it mandatory for medical professionals to hospitalize mentally sick people who do not comply with these orders. The houses with more than one lunatic needed to be licensed, but the kind of care might not differ from that in a single house.

Consequently, the Government proposed the implementation of a brief and systematic amendment to the Mental Health Act 2. The professed purpose of the Mental Incapacity Bill is to safeguard the interests of people who are or who will be mentally incapacitated.

This is where the provision of care itself is scrutinised following what could have been a robust and logical decision to place a person into medical treatment in the first place. However, there is considerable opposition from a number of Labour Members of Parliament to this new legislation The Health Department was contemplating the introduction of tribunals consisting of just one person and in taking decisions without any hearing whatsoever.

In the nineteenth century and earlier some people provided services relating to this whole range of provision.

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The expectation was that the draft Bill would address these problems; however indications were that the Bill was not sufficiently comprehensive in this regard 8. In the case of attendants, single houses and madhouses, there would be a variation of financial arrangements between the physician and the attendants and the house.

Situation Ethics, Utilitarianism and Kantian Ethics, each having a different theory on which they depend.The Mental Health Order () for Northern Ireland was based on the mental health act (), and has not been reformed for over two decades, and is considered outdated.

There is also criticism of the MHO () for lacking in human rights approach when using stigmatising language (dhsspsni, ). The Purpose Of Mental Health Laws Social Work Essay. Mental health law, according to Bartlett (), is as old as law itself, with the earliest classified reference in the English law.

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Legal and Historical Context This essay will consider key issues that relate to mental health problems in the practice of social work with adults in the United Kingdom.

Human Rights and Mental Health

This will be demonstrated by firstly examining the legal and historical context of the mental health and the Mental Health Act (MHA). Secondly, an understanding of theories suitable for individual assessment and intervention. Mental health law Essay. On the sixteenth of Novemberthe Mental Health Bill was tabled in the Upper House of Parliament - Mental health law Essay introduction.

Its main objective is to amend the Mental Health Act and inter alia to include the so called Bournewood Safeguards in the Mental Capacity Act of The question of whether human rights are infringed in treatments for mental health has many points to consider. To help answer the question, this essay will outline the basic principles of human rights and draw some comparisons against medical treatments and choices in patients who are of sound mind against patients who are mentally ill.

Mental health law essays
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