An argument in favor of corporal punishment

The psychological and physical immediacy of a short sharp shock is simply the most effective way to affect behavior in some circumstances. Sociological evidence on the deterrent effect of the death penalty as currently practiced is ambiguous, conflicting, and far from probative.

This decrease apparently occurs because capital punishment has a short-term deterrent effect on homicides" Phillips It is not sexist to consider the importance both sets of parents play in a child's development. These findings are far from decisive, but they caution us against hasty conclusions about the abusive effects of corporal punishment.

Corporal punishment does not actually administer a direct cause-and-effect link between a behaviour and its bad consequences. We were caned, and that was that. All corporal punishment does is increase the likelihood of sexual abuse occurring.

Counterpoint: The Benefits of Corporal Punishment

Spanking and slapping are proven to be ineffective strategy in promoting discipline. We live in an increasingly complex and violent society and must keep capital punishment in place to deter future rising murder rates nationwide.

Legality map of the USA: Kids are not going to go up against their parents after being subjugated to corporal punishment. Constant call-outs could lead to a parent losing their job for being unreliable.

Although tough sentences that are imposed for serious non-capital crimes are generally extremely high, it is interesting that the thought of life in prison is not as much of a determent as the prospect of death. Or why not have a robo spanker, which lasts up to 15 minutes and spanks you until your 15 minutes are up.?

But there are many examples of persons condemned to death taking the opportunity of the time before execution to repent, express remorse, and very often experience profound spiritual rehabilitation. If anything, the effects of it seem to be more negative than positive and serve to undermine the teacher-pupil relationship.

Some children respond to it but others respond negatively to it. The act of murdering someone is one of the most heinous acts and must be dealt with accordingly so that the families and victims of the crime have some sort of retribution. In other words, it teaches children to use physical violence.

This is something that we as educators grew up with, and the kids that we have paddled over the years have grown up to be good people. There are many factors, and there is nothing that definitively shows that there is a link between the banning of corporal punishment and the rise in crime.

For this reason, punishment is not only ineffective in the long run, it is also clearly unjust. The headmistress caned or slippered boys and girls on the bottom.

Debate: Corporal punishment of children

Classrooms were vandalised and on two occasions boys were caught setting fire to coats in the cloakroom. While this data is highly subjective and considers the national average as opposed to a region or city it does show that violence is reduced.

Some join gangs too. If it is used abusively, than measures should be taken to limit such abuse, instead of eliminating the practice altogether, which would be an over-reaction.

A reduction of 4 points is enough to have a significant negative functional effect on the students. The economy is hurting.

That is a great idea. The piece was produced by our partners at Education Week. So, I get three licks. Of the states with the ten lowest murder rates in the nation, educators paddle children in one of them. Currently, only two states in the US view corporal punishment as child abuse.

Corporal punishment stops this from happening because it places the trust in the hands of the teachers. And we just don't know what made him pass out in his case that incident. The spanking usually occurs when the children are already four years old. Can corporal punishment help discipline children?

Corporal Punishment has now been completely banned in 24 countries: I felt something in my mouth. If we were to listen to them they would tell us that corporal punishment is not for everybody because some children can be settled with a reprimand and disapproving look.An Argument in Favor of Capital Punishment Posted by Nicole Smith, Dec 15, Politics Comments Closed Print As this argumentative essay in favor of capital punishment will explore, capital punishment is absolutely necessary because it deters instances of murder and because it offers the only just punishment for a crime that is.

Violence of corporal punishment is never justified as "last resort" Laurie A. Couture. "10 pro-corporal punishment arguments & 10 commonsense answers". "Argument #4: 'I only use corporal punishment as a last resort.' Answer: This reasoning teaches children that it is acceptable to use violence as a last resort to getting their way or to.

Corporal punishment can cause serious physical damage The actual physical damage inflicted via corporal punishment on children can be horrifying. Examples can be found of students needing treatment for broken arms, nerve and muscle damage, and cerebral haemorrhage.

There are arguments in favor of corporal punishment, e.g. "my parents did it to me". But there are no good arguments in favor of it. Aug 25,  · The studies cited by opponents of corporal punishment, Dr. Baumrind contended, often do not adequately distinguish the effects of spanking, as practiced by nonabusive parents, from the impact of.

There are arguments in favor of corporal punishment, e.g. "my parents did it to me". But there are no good arguments in favor of it. k Views · View Upvoters.

An argument in favor of corporal punishment
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